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Coffee Dyed Himo Tabi

Himo Tabi socks are the original Tabi.

We are proud to honor the ancient heritage of Tabi and we hope you make them part of your daily life.


The upper parts of the socks are made from a fabric called “Ayaori,” which is the same fabric used for Chikatabi. The fabric is dyed using coffee beans.

The socks are lined with a flannel cloth that is commonly used as a filter for hand-brewed drip coffee.

The soles are made from a durable and flexible flannel fabric called Neru Ishizoko-ori that is also dyed using coffee beans.


To keep your feet warm, the uppers and the soles are double-lined to the ankle.


The stitching on the soles of the Himo Tabi is based on a quote from a book written in the Edo period (1603 - 1868): "Sashi-Tabi* are Oshi's (Gyoda's) specialty.” One sock features three stitched pestles, a symbol of our company. The other sock features stitched “Monsu;” these are special numbers and signs commonly used among Tabi manufacturers to describe Tabi sizes.

*Sashi-Tabi means Tabi made with fabric that is reinforced by adding stitches called Sashiko.


Enjoy Finding Your Style

“Himo” means string in English. You will enjoy the different ways of tying the string. 

You can tie the string twice around your ankle and hide the knot inside, or you can personalize the look by tying your favorite knot on the outside. You can also tie the strings according to the height of your instep or the circumference of your ankle. 


This item runs large. The split is purposely shallow to avoid touching the webbing of your toes. 


How to Choose Your Size

If you have worn Tabi before...

Please choose your normal Tabi size.

If you wish to wear this item with extra room, we recommend going up one size.

For half sizes such as 23.5cm/24.5cm/25.5cm/26.5cm/27.5cm/28.5cm/29.5cm, we recommend sizing up to the next full size.

If you are new to Tabi...

Please go up a half size (0.5cm) from your regular shoe size.

If your size becomes 23.5cm/24.5cm/25.5cm/26.5cm/27.5cm/28.5cm/29.5cm after adding a half size, we recommend sizing up to the next full size.


-Surface: Coffee dyed Ayaori 100% Cotton

-Lining: Double flannel 100% Cotton

-Bottom: Double coffee dyed flannel Ishizoko-ori 100% Cotton


-Made in Japan


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This coffee dying process uses discarded coffee beans from the region. After the dying process is complete, the coffee grounds are used as a substrate for mushroom cultivation. Following the mushroom harvest, the coffee substrate is turned into bio-coke which eventually returns to the earth as ash.

Himo Tabi

It all started with the Himo Tabi.

The origin of Tabi are these Himo Tabi which were developed over 300 years ago, and we reproduce it.


You will enjoy the fit and different sensation from regular Tabi with Kohaze.

Indigo-dyed fabric is used for the material, and its color improves with age.

*The first picture shows Himo Tabi after 1 year of use.


-Cotton 100%

- Made in Japan


Himo Tabi size guides


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