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It's time to try the KINEYA TABI way!

 At KNEYA TABI, we proudly uphold time-honored Tabi manufacturing techniques,

and our skilled craftspeople use traditional sewing machines and tools. 

Tradition and Evolution

As their key feature, Tabi socks are made with a separation between the big toe and the other toes, and there are two major theories for this tradition: 1. The separation allows for Tabi socks to be worn with thonged footwear, e.g., Geta or Zori. 2. The toes were separated to enable samurai to plant their feet firmly on the ground on the battlefield. If you never experienced wearing Tabi, you will enjoy the sensation of the Tabi fit! 


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Providing a sensation of being barefoot, Tabi socks help strengthen the intricate muscles within the feet. These muscles provide foot support, particularly in the arches. Supporting the natural functions of your feet, Tabi socks also improve your posture and engage your core muscles. Finding the best Tabi for your feet is crucial to maintaining your health and active lifestyle. Many people are concerned about ill-fitting footwear or Tabi that can result in health complications such as knee and lower-back injuries.


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 Experience the TABI with Us


We strive to create Tabi with a three-dimensional construction that ensures a comfortable fit. Proper fit is the top priority, and we are here to help you find the most appropriate Tabi socks, Tabi shoes, or Tabi running shoes for your foot type. We will be delighted when you notice improvements in your well-being with Tabi. Our products are a step to better health!

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