Principle I

Using traditional methods, our process of making Tabi has never changed since its inception. The techniques developed by our skilled craftsmen and a German sewing machines named “Tsuma Happo Mishin,” which has been used for over 120 years in our factory, enable us to manufacture Tabi with a comfortable fit and a solid rounded toe construction.


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Principle II

While the process has become more mechanized today, we are proud to continue the tradition of making high-quality artisan Tabi, and our skilled craftsmen carefully hand finish them on traditional wooden tools here in our factory.

principle 2

Principle III

We are committed to the concept that all Tabi made in our factory give you the sensation of being barefoot. In order to produce this sensation of being barefoot, we continue to use traditional methods. As for the Tabi with rubber soles, the rubber soles are stitched by hand rather than glued.

Planning a project, designing, mold design, prototyping, and manufacturing are all done in-house; we also maintain the sewing machines and create machine parts and tools ourselves.


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