Types of Tabi

Tabi Socks

tabi socks



Tabi socks are made for indoor use. In general, they can be worn with traditional Japanese clothing, such as the Kimono.


White Tabi socks are made with a fabric called Hiraori which provides a silky touch.

Navy blue Tabi socks are made with a fabric called Ayaori which is more durable than the material used for white Tabi socks.  


Tabi socks are also worn as indoor shoes or with thonged shoes.


chika tabi



In contrast to Tabi socks with fabric soles, Chika-Tabi feature rubber soles so they can be worn outdoors.


In Japan, Chika-Tabi are the preferred Tabi worn by people who work outdoors such as gardeners or by athletes for training.


oka tabi



Oka-Tabi are a type of Tabi socks.

Oka-Tabi are made with the same durable fabric as the Chika-Tabi. Therefore, they are the preferred Tabi worn by set and props construction workers at theatres in Japan.

Tabi Running Shoes

tabi running shoes



Focusing on the unique feature of Tabi of providing you a sensation of being barefoot, we innovated Tabi running shoes. Greatly enhancing the Tabi mechanism, we have made these Tabi running shoes using our traditional Tabi making methods.


Tabi running shoes provide you an opportunity to regain true running/walking form through their special thin soles. They can help activate your intricate foot muscles and strengthen your core muscles. As a result, the risk of running-related injuries is decreased.  


Tabi Running Shoes can be worn for running or walking.

Matsuri Tabi

matsuri tabi



In Japan, people commonly wear these Tabi to accompany their festival costume.


Matsuri Tabi are made with rubber soles at the bottom which are thinner than those used for Chika-Tabi.


However, Matsuri Tabi can also be worn as indoor shoes, which we recommend.