Small Details, Great Benefits

small details great benefits

1. Tabi wicks away sweat while maintaining your skin's natural moisture.

They keep your feet comfortable and also help reduce foot odor.


2. Tabi supports the sloughing off of dead skin and the calluses, leaving the soles of your feet soft.


3. Tabi helps raise your awareness of your toes and the ground beneath your feet.

You will naturally use your toes more and with greater agility of movement, triggering feedback mechanisms that simulate your brain.


4. Tabi helps prevent bunions ( hallux valgus, a deformity of the big toe ).


5. Tabi can help improve your posture and relieve lower-back pain.

Providing a sensation of being barefoot, Tabi socks help strengthen the intricate muscles within the feet. These muscles provide foot support, particularly in the arches. Supporting the natural functions of your feet, Tabi socks also improve your posture and engage your core muscles.



Individual results may vary.

To increase the effectiveness of Tabi, we recommend you wear them with thin-soled shoes that feature little to no height difference between the heel and the rest of the foot.


Tabi Education in JAPAN

In Japan, Tabi are worn as indoor shoes in some elementary schools. Associate Professor, Dr. Jun Kaneko at Chukyo University, has researched on the effectiveness of Tabi in preventing Hallux Valgus in children at elementary school. He presented the report in Italy, September 2019.

tabi education