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Muteki 10th Anniversary T-shirts


Our Tabi Running Shoes Muteki turn 10 years old this year!

Thank you for your support over the years.


To celebrate the 10th anniversary, we have designed T-shirts in collaboration with the Japanese artist Satoshi Onodera from One Cushion. Mr. Onodera designed unique animals wearing Muteki or Toe-Bi which are printed on the front of the T-shirts using his signature screen printing process. The T-shirts are made from organic cotton and are dyed naturally to bring out the unique shades that only natural dye can create.


[Before you buy…]

Please note the following:

Each T-shirt has unique color variations due to the plant colors.

Instead of L, XL, or XXL, the size description on the tag uses 1, 2, or 3 as unisex sizes.

The colors may fade or change by washing, care, or storage as well as sweat or friction.

Although color fixation is applied during the dyeing process, please wash your T-shirt separately and dry it in the shade.

The fabric may be slightly wrinkled due to stone washing.



Size 1: Length 67cm, Width 55cm

Size 2: Length 70cm, Width 59cm

Size 3: Length 73cm, Width 63cm


The fabric is soft and comfortable to wear with a relaxed fit. The T-shirts are ready to be worn straight away because they have been stone-washed once after dyeing.

-       Comfortable relaxed fit

-       100% Organic Cotton

-       Made in Bangladesh (T-shirt)

-       Natural dyed in Japan







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Cup Sleeve/Tekko


Leather coffee cup sleeve.

You can also use this cup sleeve as Tekko (leather wrist band worn by craftsmen to protect their wrists from injuries. They were traditionally worn by Samurai or Ninja to protect themselves from slashing injuries during combat.)


-You can adjust the size using Kohaze.

-Fits Tall and Grande size paper cups.

-1 original paper cup is included.

-Natural leather (color may vary) with a natural surface (may have natural imperfections).

- Made in Japan 



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Tenugui -tabinarabe-


Tenugui is a type of traditional Japanese towel.

These Tenugui are dyed by Chusen, a traditional hand-dyeing technique.

The Chusen dyeing process entails pouring the dye onto the layered fabric, on which a special glue is used to create patterns on the fabric. This glue follows the lines of a design and blocks any dye from seeping into other areas of the fabric. The technique requires the expert skills of a craftsman.


Due to this dyeing technique, bleeding of color or uneven dyeing may occur, but these are what makes Chusen-dyed towels so unique.


-Size: Approximately 34cm × 90cm

-100% Cotton

- Made in Japan



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Itoitex Five Toe Socks


Breathable Japanese Washi Socks.

These are low cut ankle socks.

They can be worn not only for running, but we also recommend them for everyday use. 


Quick dry and quick absorption

The fabric is made from Japanese paper (washi) thread. It is porous, which can help blisters and [EE1] your skin from sweat.


Strong fabric

The fabric is three times as strong as cotton.


Extremely light

The weight of these socks is half of general socks, about 24.0 g.



The fabric can help reduce isovaleric acid, reducing foot odor.


Inside: Washi Fiber, Silk

Surface: Washi Fiber, Silk, Nylon, Polyurethane

- Made in Japan



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  • delivery time depend on each country