How to Clean and Care for Tabi Socks

To preserve your favorite Tabi socks, we recommend follow these tips.


There are several ways to wash Tabi socks.

1. Carefully hand-washing: With detergent, use your hands to gently press and swish the Tabi socks through the water.

2. Machine-washing: Place the Tabi socks in a mesh laundry bag to keep them safe during washing. Do not use bleach or brightening agents.

3. Washing while wearing Tabi socks: The Tabi socks will break in to fit your shape as you wash them while wearing.



After you wash the Tabi socks, take them out and gently shake them by holding the top and the heel of the Tabi sock or the other toe area and the ankle of Tabi sock to help retain their shapes before hanging them to dry. And then dry them in the shade.

*Tabi socks should not be put in the dryer.



Please avoid high-humidity & temperature and sunlight during storage.


Tips for Removing Stains from the Bottom of Tabi Socks

We sometimes heard from our customers saying that stains left on the bottom of the Tabi socks cannot be removed.

For this case, apply detergent to the spot, and hold a sock in each hand and rub the soles together. (It is better to attack the stain immediately after it happens or you take off the Tabi socks.) We hope the video below will help you!

The pressure washers for home use might be effective as well. When you use the pressure washer, it is important to use it with a low-water pressure setting. Using it with high pressure or holding it too close to the fabric causes shrinkage. 



Before hanging the Tabi socks to dry, you can give a light shake to the Tabi socks (as mentioned in "Dry") to pull them back into shape. But it also helps reduce wrinkles. If you are worrying about the Tabi socks still wrinkled, follow these steps to iron them properly.

*Iron it on a low or medium setting.

*Put a damp cloth over the Tabi sock when steaming.

*On a high heat setting or pressing too hard causes a shine or a scorch mark.