【about shopping】


In shopping , the mailing cost is not included  after having you put

into a cart.

displayed mailing charge is free but need mailing cost.

mailing cost is depend on each country.

so we recieve your order and then send you about total included mailing cost

by e-mail.


When out of stock , time for delivery is connected.


about mailing cost


you can check mailing cost on this site


1.please choose parcel (package)

2.please input weight

*white cotton tabi 90g

*white stretch tabi 95g

*navyblue black tabi 105g

*matsuri tabi (with thin rubber sole) 130g

*chikatabi (with thick rubber sole) 360g

these weight are aim , weight varies depending on the size

so tell you later exactly weight


3.please choose Saitama

4.please choose your country

→you can check mailing cost and delivery time


【about payment】


you can choose pre-transfer by bank or by PayPal.


【about returned goods】


returned goods cannot be accepted

navyblue , black