White 5kohaze (22.0~30.0cm)


Sole of crude rubber is sewn by hands.


The softness and textures of crude rubber deepended

a feeling adhesion to the ground and realized a better

feeling of a fit and foot comfort.


can bare-feet feeling !



<How to choose the size>

wearing with bare feet ・・・


Please measure the absolute size ( heel to tiptoe end )

of a leg in the state of bare feet first.


and then we recommend your absolute size +5mm

for example , your absolute size is 25.3cm( add 5mm )

→ 25.8cm. so recommend 26.0cm.


wearing with socks ・・・

Please add to your absolute size 7mm~10mm 


if your feet wide and high instep , recommend more

bigger size.



about mailing cost


It will determine the postage by each country and each weight


↓Please choose the size from a size selection button.


  • 0.3 kg
  • delivery time depend on each country